Aleta Pearce


Aleta Pearce is a product designer and Partner at Pearce Research & Design, which is directed by founder,Peter Jon Pearce. She studied architecture, computer science, and is a licensed real estate agent.  She is the mother of four adult boys and after many years immersed in being a dedicated “basketball Mom,” three of her four sons played NCAA college basketball on scholarships, one played professional basketball in Brazil and then Germany.  Her four sons are all college graduates and lead productive professional and healthy family lives, one is doctor.

Aleta’s first active involvement with politics was on the formation committee of the Neighborhood Council in Mission HIlls, CA county of Los Angeles.  The council was certified in 2005. Aleta served as the vice-chair on the founding board of the council.  She has followed politics on and off throughout her life, but became more interested and active during the election of 2016.  During this election season some of the problems with our government have been become glaringly apparent.  Aleta is motivated to work with the Our Voice project because it fills an important void in the American political system.  Prior to her engagement with this organization, Aleta has stated that the country is in need of a post-partizan unity movement, that will support activism and candidates, across all demographics, who wish to actually represent the people.   Aleta feels this organization and the tool kit it can provide will fit the bill.