Glen Fabisevich


Glen Fabisevich wanted to make a difference in the world with music, and got his degree from the Manhattan School of Music in Piano Performance in 2011. However, he found that he wanted to do more. He got involved with Wolf-PAC NY in March 2016, and within 6 months became the Organizing Director. He's recruited hundreds of volunteers, and together, they are working to pass the Free and Fair Elections Resolution in New York. They are working to get New York to become the 6th state to demand Congress call for a limited constitutional convention. The convention would propose a constitutional amendment getting money out of our elections system.

Glen is happy to join Our Voice as Organizing and Recruitment Director, as well as Liaison for the Administration Department. He believes Our Voice has what it takes to make a lasting contribution to our election system with its initiative to provide access and information for anybody to run. In his view, it's the concerned citizen who understands what his fellow American needs, and that we all need to come together to help each other out. Our Voice is the way this can happen, and he's happy to contribute what he can to help make our elections free and fair for all of us.